How Telescopes Satisfy Your Curiosity about the Night Sky

by trg

Are you still curious to what lies in the night’s sky?The solar system is filled with all kinds of astronomical objects, including our planet, Earth, all orbiting the sun. Planet is a term adopted from the Greek word “wandering star.” Planets are celestial bodies orbiting a star, in our case, we orbit the sun, which is a star.
Our planet is not that big when compared to many astronomical objects found in the solar system. There are eight planets orbiting the sun and our planet is considered as one of the smallest planet of the eight. Planets found in the solar system are not the same, some contain more gas than others and in some cases like in Neptune and Uranus, the two planets contains ice.

The solar system does not only contain planets, there are also dwarf planets orbiting the sun, among them is the former planet Pluto. Pluto is no longer considered as a planet, but nonetheless, Pluto is still a part of the solar system. Pluto used to be the smallest planet, and now, Pluto is the second largest dwarf planet. There are about five dwarf planets orbiting the sun, there use to be a sixth dwarf planet, Theia. The sixth dwarf is no longer orbiting the sun, the scientist believes that the dwarf plant Theia crashed on Earth before we all knew Earth, the crash created the astronomical object that now orbits the Earth we all call our moon.

The stars are one of the oldest astronomical objects in space; a star can live up to ten billion years old. You can pick out a star and tell your children about it, when they grow up and live a life of their own, they can tell they children about the stars you both looked at while they are still young and show them to their kids, and their kids can do the same.

Buying a telescope for beginners will surely entice you to look at what is out there, to look at the moon more closely, to see the moon’s crater, and to see the stars that are billions of miles away from you. haven’t you ever wondered what the galaxy looks like, if you buy the best telescope money can afford, you will definitely be able to observe the planets, moons, and all other celestial bodies.

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