Buying Your First Telescope: Refracting vs Reflecting Telescopes

by trg

Have you ever been that kid who loved looking at the starry sky? Well, a lot of people grew up and stopped looking up in wonder, but there are still some people who still look up in awe of the stars. Of course the advent of computer games as well as the pollution in the atmosphere is probably proportional to the decrease of our sense of wonder. But for those who still has that desire to see the stars, a telescope is in order. If you are looking for a telescope for beginners, then read on.

What would you need to look for in one telescope? What does a beginner actually need to have just to see the stars? It all boils to these factors and features:
·         Two types of telescopes are available, which are refracting and reflecting types. Refractors are the type of telescopes that are dependent on lens, while the more expensive reflecting type depends on mirrors, hence the name reflecting telescope.
·         The reflecting type of telescope is chosen by both beginners and astronomers, because of the ease of use, the maintenance and the cost that it brings to people.
·         Aperture of the lens is needed when you want to know how much light you can capture from your telescope.  And because there is more light, people can see a lot more than just stars;
·         A fun fact: the Hubbard Space Telescope is based on the reflecting-type telescope.

Astronomy can never be the same without the introduction of the reflecting telescope; without this kind of telescope, the refracting telescope would still be in use and people will have a hard time maintaining the telescope, not to mention that with the price of the refracting telescopes, only a few people like astronomers can buy it and properly use such equipment. And to put it all in summary, the best way for anyone who would like a telescope is to buy the reflecting type.

With this, people can enjoy watching the stars wherever they may be. Whether they are at the top of their house or they are at some nice forest, no matter where they may be; with price and user-friendly maintenance, you can always be sure of a worthwhile star searching experience, with all the colors and all the other amazing scenes you can see in space.

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