Choosing a Beginner Telescope

by trg

If you’re looking to get the best telescope for beginners to start off your stargazing hobby, then this telescope buying guide will definitely help you out. Here we tackle how to choose your first telescope and what exactly it is that you would need from it. The thing is, buying a telescope is way different from say, buying a TV set or a pair of pants. There is a good chance that everything the clerks know about their product is how to sell it, so you can’t trust their “opinions” as well.
The first thing to keep in mind is to stay away from children’s toy telescopes disguised as professional ones. That means nothing from the toy store or from the children’s section in the department store. The telescope you are going to want to purchase basically has two main points namely high quality optics, and a firm and steady mount that operates smoothly. These features combined will ensure a greater stargazing experience for you.

Another thing to consider would be the size and, convenience, and portability of the telescope. Sure everyone wants their telescope nice and big, but you should also keep in mind that it wouldn’t be worth it if you wouldn’t be able to lug it around for observing from other than your yard. You should be able to pack, transport, unpack, and set up your telescope with relative ease. You will be using your telescope a lot of times outdoors, so you should get used to having to lug it around and set up on the fly.

Everything else about a telescope can then be asked around and about. You may know someone who already does backyard stargazing with a telescope. This person can help you out a lot as well regarding a telescope for beginners. It would also be best to get in touch with other fellow amateur astronomers – there’s actually a lot of them due to the immense popularity of stargazing and chances are there’s an organization or sort of like an amateur astronomer’s club that’s close to you. Amateur astronomers are often friendly and willing to help out anyone looking to join them as stargazers, so any help you can collect from them would be another great thing to consider.

Though there may seem to be a lot to process and take in with regards to stargazing and astronomy, there are actually a lot of people looking to help out budding astronomers. Also, as stargazing is a fun and relaxing activity, learning what you need can be very easy.

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