Guide to Choosing the Best Telescope

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It is awesome to own a telescope and it would be best that if you first consider the optics as this would be the one that would determine on how well your telescope would work.  The first thing that you have to know are the two most common optical designs that you can choose from to know which one is the best telescope for you.  It would be one great experience to see the planetary bodies as they really are.

You may not be able to promise to give someone the moon and stars but you can promise to give them the best view of them.  Front seats and VIP access to the most spectacular show in the sky.  Check out this information.

Refractor Telescopes

  • These types of telescopes are the oldest of the telescope designs.
  • They use a lens system that is able to collect and refract the light into a cone-shape and focus it in an eyepiece for you to view.
  • Telescopes for beginners usually have smaller aperture of about 60 to 80mm.
  • You can check out Orion or Meade telescopes that are easy to operate and maintain.
  • They are famous for being low maintenance and telescope reviews are raving about how their optical elements do not misalign.
  • It is a good buy telescope those who want to see crisp and sharp images without having to worry about its maintenance.

Reflector Telescopes

  • These types of telescopes work by reflecting light to a focus point by using mirror-based optics.
  • The light reflects to a disk-shaped primary mirror that is parabolic in shape then onto a secondary mirror that would help you focus the view in an eyepiece.
  • It is quite more expensive than the refractor system but the images you see are priceless.
  • Celestron, Orion or Meade telescopes can provide you with the best quality and sharp images that would allow you to see more of the skies and what lies beneath with a reflecting telescope.

You may see that there are hundreds of telescopes for sale but you should never forget to check on telescope buying guide to help you decide on the kind of telescope that is best for you.  Some may suggest that you also check on astronomy binoculars if you would want to see the stars on a bigger perspective, with two eyes.  Let the telescope guide you to the galaxy of stars.

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