Telescope Buying Tips | Some Things to Consider

by trg

Once you have decided to pursue the hobby of stargazing and maybe even making it someday as an amateur astronomer, sooner or later you will also have to purchase a decent telescope for beginners for yourself. It may not be the best telescope around, but seeing as at this point you will just have decided to actually study the stars, an entry level telescope should do just fine. But with so many telescopes out there to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Here then are a few points to keep in mind, should you take the plunge and actually go ahead and purchase a telescope of your own.

Before you actually do go get a telescope, you have to make sure that stargazing, and astronomy, is for you. At this point you should already be able to name constellations and maybe even point out a planet visible to the naked eye. If you can’t point out one heavenly body, how then would you expect to direct your telescope at it as well?

Aside from learning the basics of astronomy, it is also important for an aspiring amateur astronomer to keep up with the latest astronomy news. This can easily be done by subscribing to astronomy newsletters and magazines. Being a member of an online astronomy forum would also help you keep tabs on the latest astronomical developments. Aside from being a part of an online community, it would also greatly help your efforts to be a part of a local astronomers’ group as they would be able to school you on the local practices in your region or area. They usually also have gatherings or events where you could join in on the fun, like group stargazing activities and such. This way you can also test out some telescopes before actually buying what you want.

Then again, what you may just need may be a pair of binoculars. There are recently released “giant” astronomy binoculars that offer spectacular views of the night sky, especially if you know how to handle one. Also, a good pair of binoculars would be a wise first step in getting into astronomy as even once you’ve already got the best telescope you could ever want, you would actually still need a good pair of astronomy binoculars to make quick scans of the sky. Once you’ve got all these down pat, that’s the only time when you can make a good, informed decision on purchasing your own telescope.

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