Telescope Mountings

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Next to last in my 6 part series on choosing your first telescope.

Telescope mountings

In the first four parts, I’ve discuse aperture, power and the different types of telescopes. Now I’d like to talk about an often overlooked but very important aspect of using a telescope – the mounting. A shaky view is all it takes to a fanatastic viewing session! A good mount can enhance your views. There are two basic telescope mountings:
ᄋ The equatorial and
ᄋ The altazimuth.
An equatorial mount is designed so you can easily track the motion of the sky as the Earth turns and its motions indicate celestial directions in the eyepiece. This helps when you’re trying to find your way among the stars with a map. The altazimuth mounts are simpler and just swing up, down, left and right. You have to move the scope along every so often to follow the stars, moons and planets. An altazimuth mount is both cheaper and lighter for the same degree of stability.

Come back for my concluding article when I’ll wrap everything up.

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