The Reflecting Telescope

by telescope review guide

Welcome back to part 3 of my series on how to buy a telescope.

The reflecting telescope

Reflecting telescopes use a parabolic mirror at the back of the telescope to gather and focus the light to a flat secondary mirror that the image out of an opening at the side of the main tube. You observe through an eyepiece on the side of the tube up near the top.

ᄋ Easy to use
ᄋ Excellent for faint deep sky objects such as remote galaxies, nebulae and star clusters because their larger apertures collects more light
ᄋ Low in optical irregularities and deliver very bright images
ᄋ Reasonably compact and portable
ᄋ A reflector costs the least per inch of aperture compared to refractors and catadioptrics


ᄋ Not suited for terrestrial applications
ᄋ Slight light loss due to secondary obstruction when compared with refractors
ᄋ The tube is open to the air, which means dust on the optics even if the tube is kept under wraps

Check back often for the continuation of my series on how to buy a telescope. Part 4 will discuss catadioptric telescopes.

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