Your New Telescope and Astronomy as a Hobby

by trg

The solar system is filled with so many mysterious things for us humans to be discovered. Back then, when you were still a kid, did you ever dream of coming to space and becoming an astronaut? If you still do, it’s best that you don’t let go of it, and keep dreaming.

The planet earth in not but a speck of dust compared to the solar system. The Solar System, as we all know, consist s of the sun, planets and hundreds of astronomical objects orbiting the sun. There are eight planets and five dwarf planets orbiting the sun, besides that, there are a lot more astronomical objects orbiting the sun in the solar system that cannot be seen with the naked eye. For these, we have to use a telescope.

The night sky is filled with billions and billions of tiny glowing specks, stars as we call it, big luminous balls of plasma that are being held by gravity. The stars are classified from A to Q; star classification is based on the stars strength of hydrogen line they have. The sun which gives us heat and lights our day is classified as a class G star, which means the sun’s temperature is about five thousand five hundred to about six thousand Kevin. The stars can live to about ten billion years old, and the more massive the star appears, the shorter its life span. If you wish to have children in the future, you can pick out a star that looks cool and calm using the best telescope you can afford, and when you do have children, you can show the star you have picked out to them, and they can show it to their children and grandchildren.

There used to be nine planets in our solar system, but Pluto is no longer considered as a planet, it is now considered as a dwarf planet. The planets are also considered as the giants of the solar system, big balls of gas, rock and ice. The four smaller planets, Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury are called rock giants, the two largest planets, Jupiter and Saturn are called gas giants, and the two furthest planet in the solar system, Uranus and Neptune are called ice giants.

You can see most of the planets and stars in the sky at night through a telescope; you can buy a telescope in case you want to see some parts of the solar system more clearly. There are many telescope reviews to guide you pick one that would satisfy both your budget and curiosity.

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