This telescope has been constructed with key features like

  • Portability – they are movable and easy to assemble, a smaller looking telescope with easy to carry components.
  • Stability – highly stable with the German Equatorial mounts placed over the tripod. Adjustable to a height of 50″.
  • Balance – the CGEM equatorial mounts easily balances in both axes even with the added accessories of the telescope.
  • Clearance – the CGEM mount supports the tubes at a single point of contact without disturbing its movement. This is useful for photography solutions.

Celestron CGEM 800 Computerized Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope comes with the optical design of Schmidt-Cassegrain which uses both the mirror and lens technology. The aperture of this telescope is 8″ which provides a greater light gathering capacity and together with its magnification power of 81x clearer and brighter images of the far off objects can be obtained. Coming with a longer focal length of 2032mm for viewing Saturn’s rings, surface of moon, Mars and the far off planets like Neptune and Pluto.

  • Celestron CGEM  800 Computerized starbright optical coating Telescope with a 6×30 finderscope.
  • The computerized equatorial mount makes a difference for both celestial and terrestrial viewing and long exposure photography.
  • Has an aluminum optical tube which is the best optical tube for outdoors.
  • The three legged carbon steel tripod enhances its stability and also has adjustable height and angle.
  • Designed with starbright optical coating which is a unique multi layer mirror coating, anti-reflective and high transmission white glass makes this telescope popular.
  • Updated database of 40,000+ objects, 400 user defined programmable objects with information about over 200 objects for instant access and study. It includes deep sky objects, solar system, asterisms and variable stars.
  • Easy operation with Double line, 16-character Liquid Crystal Display with Hand Control and backlit LED buttons.