The Telescope Throughout History

by trg

The best telescopes in the world continue to inspire us with all kinds of beautiful imagery of the space and the stars. From the Hubbard space telescope, the Celestron telescopes which can now give rise to many new astronomers, to the first of the refractive telescopes used by Galileo Galilei during the olden time. If you are interested in the history of the telescope, then look no further; this article will tell you of how the telescope came to be and how it changed the way people saw the night sky.

In the early 1600’s, did you know that it wasn’t Galileo of Galilei who truly invented the telescope, rather it was a man from Holland named Hans Lipperhey who was the true inventor of the said device. Galileo only popularized the use of the device for astronomy and the like.

Somewhere towards the end of the 1600’s, the best telescopes have been improved with a wide variety of features such as a better field of vision – the realization that with a bigger set of lens, astronomers would be able to see the stars better. Though, because of the innovations that were introduced by the many telescope makers, new problems were found like the common problem found in telescopes which are the Chromatic Aberrations, a malfunction where bright colors were often seen when the telescope is focused on bright objects in the sky.

Then partly because of telescopes and the search for more evidences of space; the invention of photography also came into the world. And of course, the two inventions would be used side by side to enable us to have a clear vision of the sky and the universe.

Fast forward to the last few decades where we would have wonderful telescopic inventions, such as the Celestron C8 Telescope and the Hubbard Space Telescope, humans are now able to see much more clear vignettes in space than ever before. The constant mystery that has always sparked our sense of wonder: to get closer to the universe.

From Galileo Galilei to the Hubbard telescope come new home telescopes that can be used by any regular Joe who wants to be an astronomer. Today, all kinds of telescopes can view the stars right from your very own computer, which is convenient and can differentiate the way we see the stars. Not to mention that with the years of research done by most of the astronomers of the past, we already have a database which can already help us find the stars and galaxies that we are looking for.

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