What’s in the Sky Now – April

by telescope review guide

What is in the night sky during April? The Moon, planets and even a meteor shower are on tap this month.
The Moon is especially noteworthy this month. It passes near all five of the naked-eye planets — Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn plus as well as the stars Regulus and Antares. On the 22nd it will eclipse Venus as seen from most of the continental United States.

Regulus, the brightest star of Leo, stands a little to the left or upper left of the Moon at nightfall on the 5th. The planet Saturn is below them.

Saturn aligns quite close to the Moon on the evening of the 6th, with Regulus above them.

Moon and Saturn

Moon and Saturn by spaceritual

Antares, the brightest star of Scorpius, is close to the Moon on the 12th. It is close to the Moon’s lower left as they rise after midnight, and even closer at first light. As seen from Hawaii, the Moon will briefly eclipse Antares on the morning of the 13th.

Jupiter stands a little to the lower left of the Moon at first light on the 18th. They are low in the southeast.

The Lyrid meteor shower is at its best on the night of the 21st, especially with the Moon appearing as a thin crescent.

The Moon, Venus, and Mars congregate low in the east the morning of the 22nd. The Moon will eclipse Venus, briefly hiding the planet from view.

The Moon, the Pleiades, and the planet Mercury align low in the west-northwest as night falls on the 26th. The Pleiades star cluster is a little below the Moon, with Mercury about the same distance below the Pleiades. Mercury looks like a fairly bright star. Binoculars will enhance the view.

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